Hi, I'm Nina!

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and even a great-grandmother. (Yeah, I do tell my children, do not call me a gramma, there are three words there. I am a great, and a grand, mother!) I am also a preacher, teacher, counselor, chauffeur of my kids… well I wear many hats! Welcome to my place and please stay a while.

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Dr. Nina has earned a BA and MA in Christian Counseling, a PhD in Christian Psychology, and a Doctor of Theology. She and her husband, Bobby, are founders of One Voice International Ministries and reside in Mississippi. They are overseers of many ministries, and their counseling focuses primarily for ministers.

Dr. Nina’s passion has always been to worship like David did. Her desire is for everyone to know the person of God and how to worship Him. That was her provocation to officially publish her first book in 2015 – Worship That Touches the Heart of God. By demand in 2016, since she and her husband were attending Spanish churches, the Spanish version, Adoracion que Toca el Corazon de Dios, was also published. Dr. Nina will soon begin teaching and activating Davidic Worship for anyone wanting to learn how to worship like David did.

She went on to publish a children’s book in 2017 that she had written some 20 years before. The book, Lester the Scared Little Leaf, has filled the delight of children as young as 2 and as old as 13. Even the adults find it delightful. Lester Leaf was a winner in the 2018 Purple Dragonfly contest from Story Monsters Ink. Dr. Nina went on to publish it in Spanish, Hector La hojita Espantada. in 2018. This book was first inspired in her childhood days by her brothers who convinced her to play in the leaves. Then later in life, when her grandsons did the same thing, she decided to write about the fun of it.

Dr. Nina’s latest book, Blessed to Believe, and the Spanish version, Bendecido Al Creer, were both published in 2020. This book was birthed from her personal journals of her own struggles and victories in having faith. Her story describes how we often feel defeated, but also, it shows us how to overcome in faith.

Dr. Nina has accomplished many other writings throughout the years such as: a compilation of poetry, self-published mini-books, One Voice Newsletters, and Word for the Week. In 2021 she began a monthly publication, Encouraging Word, for the purpose of uplifting those in prisons and drug rehab centers. But by demand, it is also posted to her OneVoice Facebook page and has become a tool in encouraging many ministers. Some are using it to preach and teach to their congregations – even in one of her overseas missions. She has recently started recording videos of the Encouraging Word which is posted on her YouTube channel OneVoiceInt.

For the last four years, Dr. Nina has taught many times on WKWX Radio on the Sunday Down South program in Savannah, TN. For a year, she also hosted her own program, In His Presence, on Buenas Nuevas Radio in Memphis, TN with a Hispanic interpreter. She is founder of Voice of the Prophetic School and KingsBlood Ministry Training Institute in which she writes all of her own curriculum. Dr. Nina is currently assembling her curriculum into booklets as a tool for churches and ministries.

Dr. Nina Gardner

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If you want to know more about Dr. Nina, visit her ministry website at www.onevoiceint.com or find her on Facebook at OneVoice International Ministries. If you want to hear some of her Encouraging Words, In His Presence recordings, or other preaching videos, visit her on YouTube at OneVoiceInt. You are welcome to subscribe and follow