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I am delighted that you are here! You are a very special person, and you deserve the very best a book can give. Honestly, the reason I write is to help people just like you. Take as long as you want in reviewing these books that were forged in the fire, and God-inspired from my intimate time with Him. In each book, He purposely placed little jewels, and my hopes are that you find the gems that will enrich your life. So read on and find the ones that suit you best. Should you have a question or a testimonial about one of my books, I would love to hear from you!

Dr. Nina Gardner

My Books
"If you are ready to change to a better mind set of the way you think of true worship, read this book Worship that Touches the Heart of God. Dr. Nina explains very clearly how to worship God in the Spirit. Also, she explains how to go into the presence of God with a thankful heart in any situation. I purchased this book for my worship leaders, now they better understand true worship. I am truly grateful for Dr. Nina."
K. Riddle
I am loving your book on Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship. I am learning a new level of loving God through your book. Thank you for writing it and it's love to our Father. Love you Dr. Nina.
M. Foster
Lester Leaf is an awesome book for any young children who may be a little afraid to try new things or love adventures. The writing is caring and very enjoyable. My daughter is very engaging with the storyline and wants to know what happened to Lester at the end. Any adult would enjoy it too as you read to your kids.
D. Tang

Dr. Nina Gardner

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